VIDEO: Bowman bombs down a Colorado mountain at 60 MPH….!

Mark Bowman (pre-GoPro era) Ski Video in Colorado – 1988

My non-skiing friends have always asked me….”What’s it like to snow ski?” My parents used to love to show this footage to their friends…. I had never seen any amateur ski footage like this video back in the 80’s – the technology was too bulky to shoot effective video for most people..

Long before GoPro was invented, I just decided that I would take my 2 poles and grab them in the middle together in one hand and take my 80’s era Sony video recorder (about the size of a shoebox) and bomb down the 3 1/2 mile green run at Keystone called Schoolmarm, that contains over 3000 feet of vertical drop top to bottom…

My main goals were to avoid other skiers, not “eat it”, try to ski in this awkward way of no usable poles and a big camcorder in the other hand and go as fast as my skis would allow on this fairly flat run… I was running my 215cm Rossignol Giant Slalom Race skis, so they were generating some speed…

This is pretty close to 3 miles without stopping – my thighs were burning after about 2 miles in…. I am “whooping and hollering” all the way down & “actin’ a fool” – they are fewer things I enjoy on planet Earth more than snow skiing! Take a skiers’ “point of view” look and take this run with me….. It’s fun to see this again….it’s been years – ENJOY!

Some Colorado footage (all to the strains of Jeff Beck’s “Blow By Blow”….)